I’m currently a regular Whole Foods shopper that eats mostly healthy (plant based & high protein) for the most part. I try to consume foods that are closest to their natural origin (& I of course allow myself to indulge when I want to, you have to stay sane!…one word….pizza!)  

A few years ago, I discovered Suja Juice.  I even got the book, too, which is a phenomenal read if you haven’t checked it out! 

I used to eat straight garbage on a daily basis (still currently working on this….it’s a serious struggle saying NO to treats that roll into the office on the daily!), but I evolved my horrible diet years ago due to noticing how eating bad foods in excess started to affect my body in negative ways.  I.E. if I eat too much fast food or foods high in sodium/fat, I get a horrible stomach ache and my body retains water (not cute).  So, I made a diet overhaul and decided to be nice to my body.  With this overhaul came cutting out anything that was laced or loaded with chemicals!  It’s unfortunate to say that most foods are overprocessed and loaded with oil, sodium, fat, and a whole slew of chemically altered, trashy additives that consumers aren’t aware of.  I read a few books with my sister on this very subject matter and at some point, I’ll write up a post about those books that are highly informational and are must-reads!  So, I became a Whole Foods regular, and I was super strict on my diet and products I used on the daily (I even went as far as cutting out all hygenic products and makeup that I was using because they were on the ‘EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database’ for carcinogenic ingredients in products. I was highly committed to ensuring my body’s state of health with what I was consuming, as I don’t want cancer… raincheck for never please!  I also had purchased my very own Omega nutrition system/juicer for myself and started juicing to incorporate fruits and greens into my life (I researched FOREVER and finally chose this one which cold presses to uphold the nutritional value of what you’re juicing).  

I keep getting off topic, so, of course I discovered Suja at Whole Foods, and the first one I tried was ‘Lemon Love.’   This one if my ALL-TIME favorite!!  My second favorite is ‘Green Supreme.’  I like the green juices without celery (personal preference, I just think adding even a little celery makes your whole drink taste like it).  You may love the taste, and that’s awesome, but it’s just not for me.  Third favorite is ‘Fuel.’  This one just reminds me of eating carrots out of my parents’ garden growing up and I love it!  I also love just eating the organic loose carrots out of the bin at Whole Foods, too, but sometimes you just want to consume the carrots san chewing.  Upon my quest to be extremely healthy, I was so excited to come across Suja Juice!  I love that they are organic, Non-GMO, and that they cold press instead of using high heat, which can damage the enzymes in the food that you want to be consuming for health purposes.  I also love that they keep a low carbon footprint for their business purposes, so they are environmentally friendly, too!  Thus my journey with this brand of juices began and I’ve been drinking them ever since!  They were so gracious to send me a bunch of new flavors that I have not yet tried and am extremely excited to do so!  You can order as many as you’d like online and they’re shipped to you in a refrigerated cold pack, to preserve your pretty drinks! I am no stranger to researching forever on a topic, so that I have vast knowledge and can ensure I’m making the best decision for myself in the end.  Suja was easy for me, as they fit right in the ‘biologically & species appropriate diet’ easily.  Humans are naturally omnivorous, with leanings toward herbivorism, and we are meant to eat high volumes of plant based foods.  You can choose from curated plans, or customize what you’d like to order, and know that you are ordering health and vitality for your body and wellbeing.  All in all, I highly recommend trying them if you have not done so!  Visit their site here!  If you have tried these, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

I hope you all have wonderful day!!



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