So, here’s the deal…

I’m now an official addict to one of the healthiest things to start your day…

Let me explain.

This is your ‘one stop shop, healthy start your day off freaking amazing’ smoothie.  It has protein, it has fiber, it has collagen, it has greens, it has CLA, and the list goes on.  Just consider this your daily health potion to heal your gut, your mental fog, improve your skin, and your health all while putting your body in a better state.

I got the inspiration from my cousin’s wife, Megan.  She was a SAINT and took care of me for a few weeks following my surgery.  I’m forever grateful for her and how close we got because of that. 

Moving on … so she made this amazing smoothie every morning for herself and I, while also giving me my morning meds so I’d have something in my stomach to prevent me from getting sick.  I remember it tasting great, but it wasn’t until a few weeks after my surgery when I wasn’t on all my meds that I was able to watch her make them and pick her brain on the ingredients.  Also, side note, she is very thin, fit, looks absolutely amazing, and she’s been doing this for awhile.   So I took notes so I could keep it up after sitting on my farse and feeling like a blob in recovery.  I loved that it kept me full until like 2pm in the afternoon {was eating it around 9am-ish}.  I loved that it tasted great for having greens in it.  I loved that it started my day off healthy and I was able to make better decisions during the day because I was in a ‘mental healthy’ mode.  So, basically, I told her that I was going to continue making it every day since then, and I have successfully kept it up.  

It’s to the point now where I look forward to my morning smoothie.  I’ve even made it as an afternoon snack because I crave it.  

 I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit to fit what I want as far as all the extras I put in it that I would normally take separately like my CLA, collagen, and inulin.  Surprisingly, even with the additions I’ve added, it still tastes the same as the one Megan used to make for me….I consider that a win!  It does not have a weird green, grassy taste to it {I know you know what I mean} haha ..

LOOK, no one wants to eat straight grass.

Now that I have an upgraded blender {thank you Steve}, it’s made making them an absolute breeze!  My old blender I had since college days was breaking down and it was taking WAY too long to make a simple smoothie. I highly recommend this blender that I have. It has literally transformed my morning routine and my smoothies are aerated, frothy, and delicious.  Plus, it comes with to-go cups that you can blend right in the cup and take on the go. I even make them now sometimes the night before and it’s ready to grab and go on my way to the office in the morning.  Easy peasy.  

Currently I am using this protein powder from Orgain.  It’s the same one Megan used, it tastes like vanilla cake, it’s organic, and plant based.

For inulin, I am using this one from the Gangster Chic Brand.  It is great for gut health and it is the best on the market, period, because it is pure Jerusalem artichoke powder.  Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny owns GCB, is a wellness expert, and has amazing tips and products for health, wellbeing, and she inspires me.  I used to put it in my coffee, but now I add it to my smoothie because it doesn’t alter it at all, but adds loads of healthy fiber in my smoothie. 

Last item I add in addition to the original recipe is the TRIM vanilla.  This is a product with CLA {conjugated linoleic acid}, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. It inhibits fat storage, improves muscle tone, and improves skin quality among other things.  I used to take CLA in huge horse pills {like five every day} and that got REAL old, real quick, and I almost choked on one.  I looked for a better alternative because I’ve taken it for years and CLA truly works. I studied the HECK out of the TRIM and it’s ingredients before I bought it because that’s what I do. The amount of CLA and collagen in TRIM was actually higher than the amount in the huge horse pills and collagen powder I was taking before I discovered this gem.  Plus, it has hyaluronic acid in it, which is just amazing for keeping your skin youthful and hydrated. So many benefits!  Plus the daily dosage is only one tablespoon, and it doesn’t taste bad AT ALL. So quick and easy and I’m reaping the benefits without gross chalky powder and horse pills.  No one has time for that.  Just remember to refrigerate it.  I get vanilla because it compliments the smoothie flavor the best in my opinion, however there are many other flavors.  If you don’t want to put it in your smoothie, you can just take a spoonful of it by itself.

+ Here’s the link to the one I use: TRIM vanilla

+ Here’s the link to all the flavors: TRIM +



Holly’s AM POWER Smoothie



2 cups unsweetened vanilla cashew milk {or almond milk}

1 scoop vanilla bean protein powder

2-3 Tbsps Inulin powder

1 Tbsp TRIM vanilla

{handful} :








{handful} :




*If all ingredients are fresh, then add ice, blend, & enjoy!



I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do!



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