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In honor of my site going live and launching, I wanted to gather up some of my favorites for you! If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

 FAQS – 

1.   Favorite Flower:

White tulips, hydrangeas, roses, or peonies. I like blush too, but I just really like how clean white flowers look!

2.   Favorite Vacation Spot I’ve Been:

My happy place is laying on the dock in the sun listening to the boats, waves, breeze, and birds along the waterfront.  Nothing beats it! & I couldn’t possibly choose just one…

Crescent Lake, WI

Pensacola, Florida

Sister Bay, WI

Costa Rica

3.   Favorite Movie:

Dirty Dancing

4.   Favorite Beauty Product:

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow {this is instant glam on your face}

5.   Favorite Website: …. obvi! haha

6.   Favorite Restaurant:

RPM Italian in Chicago

Wild Tomato in Sister Bay

7.   Favorite Health Obsession:

Whole Foods Organic Carrots { have to be the loose bin ones – I do not dig any sort of slimy bagged carrot…just no }, ‘Sweat’ app {BBG},  Suja Lemon Love,  & Powerade Zero Mixed Berry { my body is probably 85% this & wine haha …not kidding either 😉 }

8.   Favorite Recipe:  

My infamous Spaghetti Bolognese & Chocolate Chip Cookies

9.   Favorite Product I Can’t Live Without:

Who can choose just one?! …but I have to say, I cannot live without dry shampoo and balm/gloss {actually can’t workout without one of these on….it’s distracting to my workout and I can’t deal with dry lips, nobody has time for that!}.

IGK Dry Shampoo | Diptyque Benjoin Boheme Perfume | DIOR Addict Ultra-Gloss | Marc Jacob Velvet Noir Mascara

10. Favorite Drink of Choice:

French/Italian White Wine, Powerade Zero Mixed Berry, Suja Lemon Love,  Lemon Water/Tea

11. Favorite Person to follow on Instagram/YouTube/Podcast:

Chloe Morello {best makeup inspo} & Mumu and Macaroons {cutest outfits & she’s the sweetest girl ever}

12. Favorite TV/Netflix show:

This Is Us

13. Favorite Workout Song on my Playlist:

The Warrior by Scandal

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor 

14. Favorite Phone App: 

Spotify {I can’t live without music to motivate every day – I listen to most genres, but is dependent on my mood}

15. Favorite Clothing Retailer:

Revolve, Nordstrom, Express, Lululemon, Athleta

16. Favorite Place to Shop:

Revolve | Nordstrom | Sephora | Amazon

17. Favorite Nail Polish:

I’m usually always wearing ORLY Cake Pop or Morgan Taylor I’m Charmed

18. Favorite Wine:

French/Italian White Wine |  Sparking White Wine | Rose {I prefer sweet over dry}

19. Favorite Jeans:

AG | Paige | Flying Monkey

20. Favorite Color:


White, Blush, Gold, Contrast of Ivory and Dark Browns/Blacks

21. Favorite Secret tip:

I use lip balm , vaseline, or brow wax at night on my brows to promote them growing upwards and to help keep them in place. {full brows are youthful looking ppl!!}

I hope you all enjoyed these!!



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