A New Adventure

Hello blog world!  My name is Holly White and I am the creator of Holly JoAnne.  After years of dreaming, I finally decided to set my fears aside and get started!  I mainly just thought, “If not now, when?” and “what am I waiting for?”  It’s always better to start a project, then change and implement things as you go along. If you don’t begin, you’ll keep procrastinating and finding excuses as to why you can’t.  So don’t be that person! Take your dreams, passions, work ethic …. & GO!!  It’s either one day, or day one.  You make the call on the outcome.  Something I’ve learned in this process is if people are telling you you’re crazy, then you’re doing something right!  So keep on keeping on and let those voices fade away into the distance.  The right people who will support you and want to be in your life, will be. 

I do have to take a brief moment and think back to when I was in Junior High.  I think I was maybe 13 or 14 at the time.  We had block schedules of eight 45-minute classes per day.  Of course, there was ample schedule space to fit in extra curricular classes and of course, study hall.  I believe at the time I had two study halls per day in one of my semester schedules.  Soooo, since I had plenty of free time and was always fortunate enough to get my homework done stat, I basically had time to kill.  So, what did I do?  Little Miss Holly created a fashion magazine called, ‘HOLLER.’  My dad, to this day, still refers to this and doesn’t let me forget by calling me Holler on occasion!  He’s the best.  I’m still not entirely sure why I named it that, but it seemed to work at the time, and it was an extension of my name, so of course it was perfect in my mind at the time.  At the end of the semester I had accumulated this huge binder {the massive 3-inchers} full of drawings, sketches, and designs of shoes, clothing, you name it!  It ended up being quite the project!  Of course, at the time, my dream was to create my own magazine or be an editor in New York, and also be a Dermatologist, Aesthetician, and Lawyer at the time as well.  You’ve got to have goals, but things do change as you grow up!  I learned I couldn’t be everything!  Basically, one could say I was obsessed with everything fashion and beauty related at a young age….go figure!  So, if you’re wondering how this excerpt turned into a nostalgic story, it was to give you some background on why this site ties in to my true passions with one of my fond memories.   If you can’t tell, I get very passionate about the people and things I choose to have in my life.  I am so excited for this new adventure and am so thankful you’re along for the ride!




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